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Technical Skill
We are a cutting edge technology driven company providing solutions to key verticals and horizontals. For the very Purpose, we have developed expertise on various platforms and have ensured sound skill sets for each domain. We specialize in working with new and proven technologies and being able to adapt and integrate those technologies to deliver real world software that people use. On average, our developers have ten years development experience coding and working with numerous programming languages, protocols, platforms and operating systems, frameworks, tools and technologies.
Project Management
Infomatrix Technologies is a premier player in the Software outsourcing arena. Having executed small, medium and large projects ranging from a couple of hundred hours to tens of thousands of hours. Infomatrix Technologies teams have mastered the art of Offshore Project Management utilizing e-tools for better communication, providing proper training, conducting quality reviews and documenting everything. Also, globally oriented project managers who are suitably trained lead each project.
Development Process
We are skilled in building complete, turn-key e-commerce solutions that can incorporate a number of complex functionality points, including integration with back-end catalog and legacy systems, interfacing real-time with a payment gateway, and containing a full administration site that will allow you to easily maintain the products and content on your site. E-Commerce solutions are an easy extension of commerce. It is an accomplishment of financial business transactions or sharing information with business persons, consumers or others over the internet. Infomatrix Technologies provides complete e-commerce solutions at affordable prices.

Resource acquisition and allocation based on functional expertise and client requirements.
Critical path analysis of the overall project.
Performance monitoring and effectiveness analysis.
Weekly/monthly review of project status by executive management.
Risk management over the life of the project.
Information extraction and integration.
Product quality stabilization.
Rapid application delivery.
Customers may require the latest project status information to maintain full control of the offshore development process.Infomatrix Technologies focuses on documentation as an integral part of the development process and regularly provides accurate and complete documentation to our customers. Normally, work reports are submitted weekly, including the work completed in the work-week and the work plan for the next week. During critical phases or activities, work reports can be provided on a daily basis.
Starts with a kick-off meeting.
Requirement Definition and Gathering.
Requirement Analysis.
Application Design.
Application Development.
Integration and Testing.
Development and Acceptance.
Excellent communication processes are often regarded as one of the essential components of successful software outsourcing. We understand that effective communication with customers is essential to clearly understand their needs enabling us to deliver high quality services meeting our customers' expectations. Our development staff have all graduated from highly regarded universities in India. Familiarity with technical English has developed throughout their academic and professional lives. All project related communications and documentation transpire in the English language. Although our customer facing personal are fully functional English language communicators, our language specialists are available for on-the-spot translation if there is a communication problem.
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